Setting up SBG6580 wireless on Mac

There is an instruction telling you to type in the browser but it didn’t tell you the username and password (or at least I couldn’t find it anywhere)  CD instruction is kind of useless. Anyway hope this helps.
User: admin
Password: motorolla
and follow this link on youtube to complete the setup – pretty easy.

Photoshop Deblur filter

I am sure everyone has this problem with your digital photos being blurred from even a slight movement of the hand. Sometimes pictures look really good on the 3 inch LCD screen but when come times to print them you find out how blurry they are and you wish there is something to fix it. Well, there might be…looks like Adobe folks are working on the new filter that could fix the issue of camera shake. This looks really promising but it is still in prototype stage. It’s a really difficult problem to tackle I’m sure. You can read more about it here.

Got Flac on Mac? and don’t know what to do?

If you run into Flac files and don’t know how to play it on your Mac, go get xACT for mac. It will decode Flac into AIFF or WAV that you can import to Itunes. The easiest and the most intuitive way I found.

Here is how – Select decode tab (first one from the menu) and add any Flac tracks by clicking add > select your output format and hit decode. That should do the trick. Best of all, it’s free.

Solution to battery issues after Iphone 3.0 upgrade

After I have upgraded my Iphone to 3.0, the battery seems to be draining at super scary speed. I mean, only last 4-5 hours max for a full charge instead of at least a day and a half with the previous 2.0. As usual, I think I have found the solution for you folks. I did it and it worked!!!! It took me a while to research plus trial and error but this one should do it. If not, you can let me know. Oh, and for people out there that suggest turn off Push, 3G, wifi, Safari and etc. Why don’t you just turn off your phone? Obviously something is wrong with the OS after your upgrade. I found this thread on Apple support forum. Here are the 4 steps to the happy Iphone.


You need to back up data that are important to you somewhere else first, (I’m not talking about Itunes backup your Iphone here) There are some Iphone file extractor out there that will do this. In my case, I learned the hard way. I lost all the photos that I took with my Iphone. They are not that important but I thought I should warn you before making all these steps below. These steps basically wipe your phone clean. Again, if you value your data, please make sure you back them up. Contacts, Musics, Photos (from Iphoto – not those that you took with your Iphone), calendar can be sync back from your computer.

  1. On your Iphone. you need to reset all the settings. Here is how; iPhone > General > Scroll down to “Reset” and the select the top option to “Reset All Settings” This will reset the settings and reboot.
  2. Go into your iTunes folder – Home > Library > iTunes > iPhone Software Updates. and delete the 3.0 Firm Ware from the list.
  3. Plug your Iphone and connect to Itunes. Click RESTORE and download a FRESH copy of 3.0 software. (When I did mine, it  automatically prompt me to download the 3.0 software)
  4. Once download complete and your phone get reboot, DO NOT restore from backup. Set up as a new phone and sync your data manually.

Sounds like a pain? I will let you decide. I rather go through this once and have my happy phone back than go to Apple store and have them do the same thing. My understanding is, this issue doesn’t happen to everybody. But it sure effects quite a lot of people. Hope this helps.

Converting .pfb font for Mac

If you happen to have .pfb files (Window fonts) and need to convert them to opentype or truetype. I highly recommend FontXChange. Very straight forward and very easy to use. Drop your file or folder of your .pfb files, tell it to convert to your choice of file formats. Presto! It’s awesome. Give it a try.

There are a few alternatives out there as well.

  • There is a program for PC called Crossfont, if you run PC on your mac, give it a try. That probably would solve your problem.
  • Then There is a mac program called Transtype. I did not give this one a try. But looks like you can download the demo version. I’m sure it will work just fine.

Let me know if these works for you guys.

OpenDNS makes me love Safari 4 again.

A week ago I updated my Intel Imac to 10.5.7 in order to install new Safari 4. I was really excited about the boasting Safari 4 speed but my excitement was short lived. Everything after the upgrade made my internet connection veryyyyyyy slow. I would get the spinning beach ball for about 10 seconds every time I try to go to any website. This problem did not exist before. I blamed everything on the new Safari upgrade. After a day of searching for an answer. It turned out that It wasn’t just me. A lot of people are having the same problem with Safari 4. They all complained about how slow their internet connection has become after Safari4 installed. After searching for the answer all over the place. I found one suggestion on Apple forum. It has to do with changing your DNS number in your system preferences.

You can go to OpenDNS homepage and follow the instructions there to change your network preference. It only takes a minute and now I love Safari 4 more than ever. And best of all, IT’S FREE!

  1. It fixed my problem with the beach ball spinning when you try to get to a page.
  2. page loading seems to be noticeably faster.

I will let you find out what OpenDNS can really do to improve your home network. But my goal is to help pass along this info that I have discovered. Let me know if this post help you fix your internet problem like the way it did for me.

Free & cool photoshop brushes

Ok, let’s cut to the chase and give you the link to these free cool brushes before I start babbling here.

One thing that I got out or I should say “learn” from my own blog, is the hidden science of google search. WordPress stats feature allow me to see which post of mine got the most hit. It also shows what search term people typed-in that get them to my blog page. My friend Jeff Wack post was a hit but not so much that people search for his name but 50% of them came for search term like ‘amazing airbrush’, ‘airbrush and wacom’. I found that very fascinating. You would think there are thousand of web pages that would turn up in search results when you type in such key words. But somehow they found this blog!!

Anyway, I am a graphic designer. I do download some of these free brushes sometimes and they come in handy in a lot of situations. If you come here for these brushes, then go get them and have fun photoshoping.